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The most expected spring scents from Marc Jacobs, Armani, Valentino, Jo Malone,

It's spring outside, which means it's time to reconsider your perfume wardrobe and maybe make "room" for some new green bottle.

Embrace your wild side with Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild, a vibrant and feminine blend of jasmine, vetiver, and notes of banana blossom, never seen before in prestige perfumery.

Capturing the essence of nature, this eau de parfum exudes a fresh fragrance reminiscent of a wildflower bouquet. It inspires you to embody your young, free-spirited self.

About the Bottle: The fragrance bottle has been reimagined in a mesmerizing shade of light green, crowned with pink and green signature Daisy flowers. Inside the bottle, flower stems peep through—a playful take on the Daisy Wild blooming wilderness. The perfume’s box is decorated with a charming ‘overgrown’ flower border, further alluding to the untamed beauty of the juice.

About the Fragrance: Bold, feminine, and fearless: Embark on an outdoor adventure with Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild. This fragrance for women exudes a freshness reminiscent of a wildflower bouquet.

An ambery, floral perfume for women born from the abundant gardens of Roma. This bold fragrance opens with the woody scent of Lapsang Souchong tea leaves and blends with radiant jasmine absolute and sustainably sourced vanilla extract for a long-lasting, sensual scent.

About the Bottle: The perfume bottle pays tribute to the iconic Valentino Rockstud. This edgy pyramidal design, inspired by Roman architecture, is a house signature of Maison Valentino.

Part of Valentino’s fashion iconography and a symbol of Roma where it embellishes the city’s doors and walls, the Rockstud is a transformative symbol. The edgy rock-studded fragrance bottle is made even more modern thanks to the contrast of black leather with vibrant green. At Valentino, green is bold and excessive, passionate and extravagant.

This scent is inspired by the exotic frangipani flower, also known as plumeria,—a radiant sight with its white pinwheel petals and bright yellow center—blooming across the blissful beaches of Bali.

A fresh twist of lemon opens this solar-floral perfume, revealing luminous frangipani and ylang-ylang notes resting on a base of creamy sandalwood.

A citrusy and woody perfume that encapsulates the lively personality of ginger. This fragrance blends warm ginger, sunny mandarin, and earthy vetiver for a balanced, long-lasting scent.

The luxurious perfume bottle is highlighted in a yellow-tinted hue, evoking the fusion of the signature ingredient. The light-yellow cap in iconic Saffiano symbolizes the ginger and the liveliness of the fragrance.

A new, alluring, contrasted bottle, crafted in the iconic Acqua di Gioia rounded shape, with its organic-looking form now dressed in graduated tones of green, evolving from a translucent pale mint at the flacon’s top to a deeper, light-filled turquoise intensity at the base.

A trio of bright, sparkling, Italian citrus fruits opens the fragrance and intertwines with a juicy red-fruit accord. A bouquet of delicate rose Damascena petals and aquatic jasmine grandiflorum bloom at the heart. At its base, a woody, musky scent evokes the warmth of a Mediterranean summer’s day.



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