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Elie SaaB: Discover the spirit of Girl of Now in a fragrance

Introducing a magical olfactive voyage. Discover ELIE SAAB Girl of Now Rose Petal, imagined as a floral dream that blossoms into a floral fruity and fresh scent.

In this marvelous garden, the most splendid flowers bloom subtly to diffuse a delectable bouquet. Embrace a burst of floral, fruity freshness elevated by the grandiose of three magical varieties of roses.

Imagined as a floral dream, Girl of Now Rose Petal blossoms into a dazzling fresh, floral and fruity fragrance. A joyful trio at the intersection of this spicy and sweet trail paves way towards a sensory, romantic dreamland.

"Spontaneous, playful and carefree. The Girl of Now is someone on a quest to experience authentic emotions and reconnect with herself. Do you slow down and stop to smell the roses ?"


The Eau de Parfum opens on a pastel rosy note with a vibrant burst. Sichuan pepper is illuminated by mandarin orange and the pink peach from Asia.


At its heart, a floral euphoria takes over accentuated by the elegance of an enchanting magnolia and a trio of sensual roses. This floral harmony merges into an intoxicating sweetness of blond woods and white musk.


Model Juliet Searle, known for her big blue eyes, lends her graceful features to embody an empowered yet romantic princess of modern times who is on a quest to experience authentic emotions and reconnect with herself.



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