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Niche perfume brand The House of Oud focuses on original and surprising fragrances with its "Crazy" collection

The House of Oud is a story of friendship between an Italian master perfumer and a producer of Oud in Jakarta. Sharing a passion for fragrance, art and travel, the pair channel their inspirations and research from all over the world into unique collections that seize the senses. Each composition uses the finest raw materials to unveil an olfactory narrative based around surprising and decadent accords.

The new unisex fragrances pay homage to the perfume house's new artistic direction, which deliberately breaks conventions and seeks to discover completely new inspirations.

One ingredient: unusual. Eccentric! Crazy! Unexpected and surprising, this scent features spicy Wasabi. The characteristic bright green cream abandons its culinary appearance to shine and acquire elegance and refinement in a completely new version: the olfactory version...

The characteristic Wasabi accord blends with a multifaceted mix of white flowers, citrus fruits and spices. The winning combination of voluptuous jasmine petals enhances its uniqueness, while the lively notes of Pink Pepper, Elemi and Cinnamon add a spicy touch that goes well with this curious and innovative ingredient. An exciting and multifaceted sensorial journey to distant Japanese lands.

Nose: Cristian Calabrò

"Japanese Shades for an unpredictable fragrance. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabisabi is a worldview that focuses on the acceptance of impermanence and imperfection." - The House of Oud

The spicy wasabi, made from the Rhizome of the Wasabia Japonica plant, transports us to the orient for a daring creation. The House of Oud’s Crazy Wabisabi Eau de Parfum is created by perfumer Cristian Calabra using his knowledge of Japanese culture.

Gluttonous. Fun. Fascinating. In one word: Pop! This fragrance takes us back in time, bringing back that innocent carefreeness and infinite serenity of when we were children and loved enjoying sweets. The juicy notes of White Peach and Exotic Coconut evoke the softness of the candy. Woods and Amber infuse warmth. Sugar radiates its fragrant notes and releases an unparalleled sweetness. A triumph of delicious notes that gives us a pinch of nostalgic happiness. A real vortex of gluttony that envelops us in a sweet and intriguing embrace.

"Come closer, ladies and gentlemen. The Crazy THoO fairground is about to open. Amusement and sweetness. A carnival of fragrances. Welcome back to childhood with Bonbon Pop." - The House of Oud

Crazy Bon Bon Pop Eau de Parfum unveils the sweetness and softness of candy at the base for a fragrance that will stimulate childhood memories. Douglas Morel is the perfumer of The House of Oud's mouth-watering olfactory recipe.

"Imagine being catapulted into the middle of the Prohibition era: the smoky atmosphere, gangsters, secret places, gambling times, betting, forbidden spirits..." - The House of Oud

Adrenaline-filled, bold, elegant and sophisticated, this fragrance spreads an aura of evanescent mystery before gradually revealing itself in a fascinating flame of olfactory notes. It starts with the Whisky, sinuous and enveloping which blends, with its warm golden nuances, with the intense aroma of coffee. A brilliant combination of spicy notes and noble woods adds body and character while Bergamot and Green Galbanum give a touch of freshness. A choice of ingredients with forbidden scents. A bet on audacity. A masterfully played hand that resulted in a unique and fascinating creation.

Smoky and forbidden atmospheres. Perfumer Maurizio Cerizza has gracefully and skillfully chosen whisky as the starting point for The House of Oud's new 'crazy' creation, the Crazy Gambling Eau de Parfum.

The egg-shaped flacons stand on gold-colored base caps and feature imaginative illustrations representing the thematic idea of each fragrance composition.



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