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Restoration Drama: Something old something new

Maybe it was your mother's or even your grandmother's wedding gown. Maybe you've simply gone in for a vintage dress. Either way, your gown's not quite tip-top, and it needs a little TLC before the wedding.

Even a damaged or neglected gown can be restored or restyled if you invest in the services of a professional who specializes in the care of bridal fabrics.

Once you find a restorer, discuss tears, beverage and perspiration stains, and yellowing to decide if the restoration will be to your satisfaction. Colour changes can be miraculous, and replacement fabric can often be found to match the original. If you're trying to create a truly vintage look then make sure your designer is familiar with the period you're trying to emulate, or at least is conscientious enough to do the research in order to make any alterations or additions.

After the wedding, whether you wore a new gown or an heirloom, arrange to return it to a gown specialist for cleaning and preserving.

Even if you escaped the red-wine trauma perspiration and other obscure stains will make their mark and become embedded in a matter of weeks. A professional will find stains, know what caused them, remove them without damage and guarantee the work and your gown for the next generation even if you open up your gown preservation box at home.

Somewhere in your future, there may be a friend or a relative who will appreciate the "something old" you offer her when she re-enacts your restoration drama at her wedding.


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