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Georges Hobeika: The Maison’s Spring 2025 bridal collection: A romantic and contemporary fairy tale

The enchanted garden of lace blossoms and mother-of-pearl studs in the Spring 2025 Georges Hobeika bridal collection.

The Maison’s distinctive touches span a rich array of shapes demanding exceptional skill and finesse in the Spring 2025 bridal collection.

Elegance expressed in the men’s wardrobe, with suits enhanced with exquisite embroidery in Georges Hobeika Spring 2025 Bridal collection.

The mixture of crafted satin duchesse and pearls come together to open up a dreamy firmament. Princess capes and flowing sleeves mingle with majestic draping and shimmering embellishments in the Georges Hobeika Spring 2025 Bridal collection.

In the Georges Hobeika Spring 2025 Bridal collection, the radiance of whites, creams, beiges, platinums, and ivories evokes the glow of an aurora ignited by the sun.

Drawing closer to the enchanting essence of the dreamy Spring 2025 bridal collection.


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