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Galia Lahav house of Couture introduces L'etoile: A Haute Couture Bridal Collection

Galia Lahav house of Couture introduces L'etoile: A Haute Couture Bridal Collection illuminated by the timeless allure of Paris. Seamlessly blending the majestic history of the Arc de Triomphe with the symbolic brilliance and romance of a star, this collection epitomizes the celestial beauty and profound meaning behind love's radiant journey.

Feminine and romantic mermaid gown made of a delicately beaded French lace wrapped around the revealing signature GL low-back and sheer side panels. Completed with a cascading ruffled train and topped with a sheer ruffled long sleeve bolero.

Elevate tradition with a touch of opulence in this reimagined satin strapless ball gown.

A timeless silhouette is enhanced with a lavish flourish—an extravagant silk flower gracing the corseted bodice. This embodiment of elegance is further adorned with a daring high slit, harmonizing classic charm with modern allure.

Lustrous satin mermaid gown draped in buttery silk accentuating its deep scoop-pointed neckline. Combined in unity with extravagant lantern sleeves with tailored cuffs.

A symbol of triumph and unity. Just as the monument stands tall and proud, each exquisite gown in the collection showcases architectural silhouettes, sculptural embellishments, and intricate detailing, reflecting the rich history and grandeur of the landmark and the tradition and know-how of Haute Couture.

Elegance takes center stage in this sheer high-neck mermaid gown, adorned with shimmering embroidered lace. The iconic Galia Lahav low-back design graces the silhouette, featuring a stunning beaded appliqué embellishment at the center back. Long fitted illusion sleeves add a touch of sophistication to this exquisite ensemble.


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