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Elie Saab'23: The beauty of Ancient Greece

ELIE SAAB Bridal Fall 2023 summons the Grecian pursuit of harmonious beauty to celebrate bridal femininity that is majestic in its contours and pristine in its appeal. By invoking intuitive aesthetics and idyllic proportions, the collection gives breath and movement to an echo of Polyhymnia.

Statuesque silhouettes are sculpted with noble materials and refined detailing that elevate classical virtues into contemporary moments.

Lush foliage and embroidered laurel leaves, like victorious Olympian crowns, gloriously wreath around strapless bodices.

Glimmering beads and crystals dance with soft lace panels to rhythms of light embroideries and vibrant textures that glisten with the allure of virtuous white marble sculptures.

Luminescent sequins, beads and pearls structurally swirl off the shoulders and down a sweetheart-fitted bodice like opulent colonnades carried by contrasting ruffled tiers.

Veils lined with complementing embroideries from crown to floor and quintessential ELIE SAAB defined waist, bring a final touch of grace and poise.

Chantilly lace blossoms across sweetheart necklines and translucent sleeves into revealing open-back ballgowns.


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