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TWEED DE CHANEL High Jewelry collection

Exceptional pieces imagined by the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, as supple and sensual as the fabric from which they were inspired.

The result of 2,400 hours of work, this piece is a technical feat. The incredibly flexible weave of the gemstone tweed intertwines yellow gold, diamonds and an exceptional array of 37 oval-cut rubies totalling 41.42 carats.

At the center of the necklace presides the head of a lion, the symbol of CHANEL High Jewelry. Detachable, it can be worn alone as a brooch. The 10.17-carat pear-cut DFL Type IIA central diamond can also be removed and set in a ring.

British actress and CHANEL ambassador Keira Knightley attended the TWEED DE CHANEL High Jewelry collection gala dinner held at the British Museum in London.

She wore the Tweed Mademoiselle necklace and ring, in white gold with diamonds, and the Tweed Dentelle earrings in pink gold with diamonds. She is also donned the Tweed Pastel bracelet in white gold with cultured pearls and diamonds.

TWEED DE CHANEL High Jewelry Collection. The TWEED ASTRAL ring.

A spectacularly grand piece with a 23.84 carats intense blue sapphire concealing a starry motif.

TWEED DE CHANEL High Jewelry Collection. The TWEED CAMÉLIA necklace.

An extraordinary cascade of gradated pink sapphires lends intensity to this cravat necklace. Set at the center of the tweed pattern, a detachable camellia in white gold stands out from the rest of the piece.



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