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Sauer’s founder discovered the first emerald in Brazil; over eighty years later, the brand is still discovering new ways to incorporate natural stones into their designs

Sauer's creative director since 2013, Stephanie Wenk is responsible for updating and perpetuating the codes of octogenarian Brazilian jewelry, bringing them into the 21st century in an absolutely contemporary language, having conquered true collectors of her creations. 

 The collections she signs for Sauer are permeated by constellations, esoteric dimensions, bibliographical references, artistic movements and architectural and scientific studies that have made the world advance throughout history. They are jewels with meaning that go far beyond objects to adorn. 

The over-80-year-old Brazilian jewelry house—one of the country’s most prominent—was founded by the man who discovered Brazil’s first emerald mine. Cast in recycled 18k yellow gold and exquisite locally-sourced stones, the pieces here nod to the lushness and hues of the Amazon rainforest. For every piece sold, Sauer will plant trees in the Amazon in partnership with IDESAM.

Two iconic Sauer styles and combinations - the Rainbow and Onyx. Rainbow gems and pieces have become a Sauer classic, and the pairing of bright gems with onyx has appeared constantly in their collections.

The cubist contours and energetic colors of Tarsila's Sol Poente are represented in the design and gemstones composing the ring inspired by the artist's surrealist masterpiece. Twilight of the gods in sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, citrine, diamond and yellow gold.

"Sometimes, people can feel a barrier to entering a jewelry store, and that's a shame. This is a way of attracting to the store not only those who can or want to buy a piece of jewelry, but also those who want to admire and learn . I hope a student, or a gemology enthusiast, goes there, visits, and sees these brutes. We always believe in that." - Jason Wu.



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