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Meta Gala 2024 details: Dress from the sand by Balmain

For her first ever Met Gala, singer Tyla enlisted Balmain for a dress made of sand - a reference to the sands of time.

"We were looking to do something creative, something completely different for my first Met Gala," Tyla told Vogue."So when Balmain showed me the idea and sketch, I just knew it was perfect. The idea was crazy, and I loved it."

An innovative idea, perhaps, but one which meant Tyla's movement was so restricted she had to ask for help to climb the stairs.

The sensational Tyla brings the Sands of Time to life on the 2024 Met Gala steps. Transforming the essence of time embodied by the simple hourglass, the Balmain Atelier devised a unique appliqué technique for the gown, which features sand and micro crystal studs pressed directly onto fabric shaped by a plaster cast of the star’s own bodice.


Uncover the incomparable Balmain savoir-faire behind the exceptional couture creation imagined in hommage to the passage of time for singer Tyla at the 2024 Met Gala.

Photo courtesy of BALMAIN

Photo courtesy of BALMAIN

Layers of sand and micro-crystals were meticulously applied by hand to a fabric mould cast of the star’s body, creating the illusion of raw sculpted materials.

Photo courtesy of BALMAIN



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