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Met Gala 2024 details: Demi Moore Wears 10 Carats Of Never-Before-Seen Jewels At The 2024 Met Gala

The dress was inspired by look eight from Reed’s namesake autumn/winter 2024 collection. The velvet dress features a double duchess silk panel adorned with massive pink peonies procured from dead stock wallpaper. Reed designed the dress so that it would begin to decay as it travelled down Moore’s body, the wilting flowers made of hand-painted silk organza.

“The other pieces of [the dress] have over 5,000 to 6,000 hours of hand embroidery,” the Nina Ricci creative director says.

"It all started with this incredible Cartier necklace that Demi is wearing," the designer said. "It was inspired by the floral feeling it gave me.


The whole piece is made out of vintage archival wallpaper. We repurposed it. It’s 11,000 hours of silk embroidery that we’ve repurposed into this idea of her blooming on the carpet. I wanted to be the vines to her thorns."

Moore added that the flower on her gown is chloris, "which is [named for the] Greek . . . nymph of plants and flowers."

A little peek behind the scenes getting ready for Met Gala

Demi Moore for the Met Ball tonight!

Picture by Kristofer Buckle

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“I thought a lot of people were going to be looking at this year’s theme in a way that everything should be very delicate and it should be all about lace, and see-through, and falling apart,” Reed tells Vogue.

“I wanted to take the opposite approach. I wanted her to look like she was almost in full bloom for one split second on the red carpet before this flower then starts, like any flower, to decay.”

Reed was particularly inspired by the thorns in the garden, hence the circumference of thorns that surround Moore. “That was so important to kind of show these almost thorns around her because so many beautiful things are spiky to the touch,” they say.

Here's what her stylist Brad Goreski says about Demi Moore's look:

Demi Moore in Cartier jewelry and a custom Harris Reed gown. The gown is made with a 60 year old panel of archival silk wallpaper that has 11000 hours of embroidery on it. We wanted the gown to reflect the blooming and decay of a flower. The chiffon petals at the bottom of the gown are hand painted. Harris and his amazing team put this look together in two weeks. The necklace has 7.87 carats of emeralds and is called the Kloris after the Greek nymph of flowers and plants.



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