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Meta Gala 2024 details: Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sabrina Harrison ascended up the famed steps of the Met wearing a gown by CHRISHABANA

Sabrina Harrison attends the 2024 Met Gala wearing a CHRIS HABANA custom look featuring a custom surreal, Dali inspired 3D printed matte and gold chrome clock breastplate and 3D printed clocks that graduate in size as they run down her body.

The dress is complimented by a headpiece with clock hand details embellished with Swarovski crystals, a sterling silver and CZ lip cuff plated in 14k gold, and a metallized 3D Printed handbag with a video monitor display.

Photo INSTAGRAM: @sabrinamharrison

For Sabrina Harrison’s Met Gala debut, CHRIS HABANA accented the custom dress design with a 3D printed handbag encased in a gold chrome plating with an eroded face that reveals a video monitor display within.

Photo INSTAGRAM: @joseph_bishop_studio

Designer Chris Habana was inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali and Vaserely for Sabrina Harrison’s look. Photo by Joe Bishop, courtesy of CHRIS HABANA

CHRIS HABANA also hand-crafted a pair of gloves finished with clock charm embellishments and shining gold talons.

Photo INSTAGRAM: @joseph_bishop_studio

Photo INSTAGRAM: @joseph_bishop_studio

How did the 2024 Met Gala theme “The Garden of Time” inspire Sabrina Harrison’s look? What was fueling your creativity at the time of ideation?

Back in March, Sabrina had expressed that the idea of clocks came like a vision, and she and stylist Carlos [Alonso-Parada] wanted to create a look that was made of watches. She wanted to carry the theme to a headpiece, gloves and even [a] handbag [or an] oversized iPhone case.

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA

The bag was also something that Sabrina introduced as a concept. She wanted to have a bag that played a video of past Met looks.

"I love opportunities to experiment with tech, so I jumped at her idea for the TikTok-inspired bag with a video display feature. I sketched out a few ideas of how it could look, but the winner was this minimalist teardrop and egg-shaped style with a cracked window built to house an iPhone 15 with a custom video by Nolan Kiser at the center. I didn’t know how it would come out, but it has become one of [my] favorite pieces we have made in my career. "

Your work on Sabrina’s look is so meticulous and detailed—can you walk us through your favorite aspects of it?

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA

"It’s funny because I’m used to getting a lot of requests specifically for music artists who are usually shooting a music video or album cover, where a tiny mistake in design can be edited or hidden out of sight.When it comes to such a large platform like the Met Gala, where every inch of a person’s body is put under scrutiny, there is no room for error. So naturally, we have to take every last detail into consideration. I’m really proud of how we incorporated the clocks and of all the work my team did on this. Everyone worked for this exciting common goal—our first-ever full look at the Met! "

Photo courtesy of CHRISHABANA



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