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Dive into the glittering new Swarovski Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Inspired by the archetype of Venus, our Spring-Summer 2024 campaign showcases the many facets of self-expression, as imagined by Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert. Swarovski casts of modern muses embodies strength, grace, creativity, brilliance, extravagance, energy and empowerment.

The Swarovski Spring-Summer 2024 campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel.

Like the sun dancing on the ocean, shell motifs highlight the Grace of Swarovski Crystal Pearls in our new Idyllia jewelry - where intricate artistry produces stunningly imaginative pieces.

Powered by an inner boldness, the dazzling Irina Shayk exudes Strength for our Spring-Summer 2024 campaign. Irina’s charismatic beauty is lit up by layers of Hyperbola jewelry and multi-faceted Millenia crystals.

Choose Brilliance this summer in designs dreamt up from the depths of the ocean. Bold statement pieces from our Idyllia family are crafted from bright white crystals and flowing rows of Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

A depiction of shimmering Brilliance, Imaan Hammam wears strands of pearls, and collections of shells in a blend of art and experimentation.

Shimmering with light, flowing like waves, Sublima chokers and necklaces styled with earrings and cuffs will add a burst of Energy to any look.

Experiment bravely, express boldly. Extravagance is dialed to the max with Millenia and Lucent jewelry shimmering with Swarovski savoir-faire.

A mastery of light and a passion for Creativity shines through each intricately crafted design in our new Idyllia jewelry.

The collection is available now.



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