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Brooklyn’s Juliana Liden is winning over the It set with statement jewelry inspired by vintage

Brooklyn’s Juliana Liden is winning over the It set with statement jewellery inspired by vintage—and made with her upcycled finds.

Found pearls, glass crystals, and oceanic motifs in eco-resin (which is made from plant extracts and thus won’t end up in landfills) are hand-molded into chunky charm necklaces that are equal parts playful and surprisingly chic—inspired by ‘90s-era Christian Lacroix and Schiaparelli. This collar necklace is comprised of crystal-encrusted bands and set with a pearl drop. Remove the drop for a more streamlined (yet no less glam) take.

A Moda exclusive, the 'Le Splash' earrings have a drop silhouette with a resin body and enamel starfish post. Show off yours with neutrals and swept back hair.

For her latest lineup, Juliana Liden revives the exuberant, vintage-inspired jewelry that’s won her favor amongst the It set and debuts a fresh lineup of whimsical treasures that capture an oceanic romance. Inspired by her holidays spent in Trancoso, Brazil, each design is (as always) rendered by hand, bristles with a cool, ‘80s glamour.



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