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Buccellati: The design comes to light and levitates upon the impalpable honeycomb texture

With its hundred years of history, Buccellati Maison was always linked to passion, craftsmanship, and art. What better way to express it if not through these astonishing Tulle jewellery, where the Art of Beauty sees a new light?

The Tulle collection was designed in the 20s by Mario Buccellati. He found inspiration in Venetian laces, with their intricate floral motifs, and pentagonal cells resembling beehives. The making of a Tulle piece is a very long process: artisans dedicate hundreds of hours, and thousands of seconds, to the meticolous creation of a single piece of art.

From the original drawing reproduced on a gold plate to the manual saw used to engrave the beautiful pattern, this may seem a very ancient story. But in fact, in Buccellati Maison, tradition is passed over from generation to generation, always keeping an eye on the future.

This collection shines in refinement and elegance among the most perfect creations destined to become timeless.

Sketching, engraving, polishing: Tulle is a collection that requires the utmost precision and dedication.

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