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A quirky and original collection from L'Objet

A lifestyle brand dedicated to fine tableware, home accessories, and décor, L'Objet's collections are equally luxurious and functional. Semi-precious stones and metals are combined with artisan techniques to create items that, while modern, are heavily influenced by ancient crafts.

The Fox cake stand and accompanying glass dome offers an automatic portal into the sumptuous fantasy world created by the Haas Brothers for L'Objet. Playful and energetic, the practical dining room accessory is ripe for display and a collectible in the making thanks to the Haas Brothers' bold and surreal application of color and personality.

Designer Elad Yifrach injects a touch of whimsy into a customary desk accessory with L'Objet's Gecko magnifying glass. Featuring a gold-plated brass handle that's carved in a curling gecko design.

Created by the Haas brothers for L'Objet, the Disco Lynda box is a limited edition release of 300 pieces. Here, the porcelain body of this surreal character is dressed in a physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating with an eye-catching iridescent glaze. The four plates inside are an exciting and playful addition to the dinner table.

Playfully surreal, these two new characters live in the second chapter of the fantasy world created by the Haas Brothers for L'Objet. The Huggers – one white and one plated with 24kt gold – are cut from high-quality porcelain and may be utilized practically as container or simply for display. The set forms part of a collection that includes tableware, home décor, textiles, and fragrance, and makes for a memorable companion in any corner of the home.

Designed by the Haas Brothers for L'Objet, this Medium bowl joins a wider collection of playfully surreal pieces inspired by the Mojave Desert. Made from white porcelain with an intricate raised surface design, the bowl represents an abstract interpretation of desert sands and starry skies.



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