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The essence of style: Introducing Michael Kors Pour Femme and Pour Homme

Introducing Michael Kors Pour Femme and Pour Homme, the brand’s new signature fragrances for women and men.

Starring Irina Shayk and Jon Kortajarena and shot in Miami, the campaign embodies the luxury, sensuality and sense of escape evoked by the fragrances.

The bold bottles draw inspiration from the luxury and modern glamour of the chain-link hardware that is integral to Michael Kors’ design aesthetic. In a graphic, oversized scale, they beckon the wearer to indulge in the sophistication and opulence of the brand’s new signature fragrances.

“My new fragrance is all about strength and sexiness and no one embodies that better than Irina Shayk and Jon Kortajarena.” -xxMK

Prepare to be transported. Come behind the scenes of our new fragrance campaign in Miami.

"Our newest fragrances, Michael Kors Pour Femme and Pour Homme, have launched in Europe. Driving by in Milano and so excited to see the fabulous billboard with the glamorous Irina Shayk and Jon Kortajarena!” -xxMK

Currently available exclusively in Europe, coming to the US this summer, and Asia later this year.



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