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Your wedding perfume: the Guerlain Perfumers

In a special edition of three exclusive fragrances – Rosa Rossa Harvest, Mandarine Basilic Harvest and Nerolia Vetiver Harvest – the Guerlain Perfumers have taken the quest for raw materials further than ever before.

Neroli, honey, mandarin, rose: discover exquisite ingredients from a selection of considered, ethical harvests that reflect their exceptional terroirs, the richness of the soil and the whims of the weather. A limited-edition collection like no other, up to 95% natural origin.​​

Rosa Rossa Harvest. The delicateness of a freshly picked rose.​

The iconic Rosa Rossa is reimagined in an exclusive seasonal composition, blending organic rosewater from Grasse with the honeyed notes of Centifolia, Turkish and Bulgarian roses. A complex, delicate fragrance that offers a captivating twist on the original Eau de Toilette.​

Mandarine Basilic Harvest. The sweet bitterness of barely ripe mandarins.​

Addictive, and electrifying, Mandarine Basilic is transformed into a fresh-yet-bitter elixir imbued with the essence of the Calabrian coast. Picked six months before they are fully ripe, emerald-green marzolo mandarins tumble and swirl alongside fresh, summery basil in a dynamic reinterpretation of the original Eau de Toilette.

Nerolia Vetiver Harvest. Delicious golden honey highlights the luminous splendour of neroli.​

Harvested from Guerlain’s hives on the Calabrian coast, exclusive orange blossom honey and soft, floral neroli are warmed by woody notes of vetiver, creating a deeper fragrance of unparalleled richness.​


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