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The Top 1920s-Inspired Wedding Dress Trends to Tap for the Roaring 2023s

The Roaring '23s, or the Jazz Age, was best known for epic parties and F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The no-holds-barred era followed the Spanish flu, after people spent two years indoors. A resurgence of the decade's affinity for celebration is likely to be on the horizon post-pandemic lockdown, and a reinvention of the era's top trends will likely follow suit as well.

Drop waists, second-skin satins, and loads of beaded embellishments are all likely to make appearances in what we're deeming the Roaring 2023s. What might have felt try-hard or costume before will now be theatrical yet chic in new ways. So whether your bridal style is understated, modern, modest, or glam, you'll find inspiration in the following Art Deco–inspired archetypes to consider for your intimate party now or larger celebration later. Of course, these looks require a flair for the dramatic and a love of all things old and new.

Herewith, chic ways to channel 1920s inspiration for the 2023s, suiting every bride from the fashion-forward renegade to the time-tested classicist—with a nostalgic twist.

Pearls on Pearls

Albina Dyla wedding dresses


Strands on stands of pearls feel undeniably Gatsby—usually worn long, wrapped many times around the neck, or cascading down one's spine, revealed by a low-cut, open back.

Also synonymous with bridal, this adornment is typically associated with more traditional looks. For the new decade, layer them on thick—as is done with these gowns from Vera Wang's new bridal and ready-to-wear hybrid collection for fall 2023.

This 1920s-inspired take on the classic accessory is all about being glam without the glitz. No sparkle or crystals necessary here. This pearls-on-pearls look is for the bride who doesn't do anything according to the status quo—for the bride who wants to look festive and formal, and host a party befitting of post-lockdown energy.

Albina Dyla wedding dresses


Albina Dyla wedding dresses


Fringe wedding dress

Naeem Khan beaded fringe wedding dress


The Jazz Age was all about sparkle and fringe—and Naeem Khan is the gatekeeper of after-party looks that tick all those boxes.

But say goodbye to the vintage flair long associated with Gatsby-style party frocks. This look is a combination of 20th-century stylings and a modernizing of the carefree, stylish flapper. From fashionable fringe to a leg-revealing length, a high neckline and shoulder pads add cosmopolitan flair to the era's more popular plunging V-necklines.

Think glam—yet playful. This bride dons stilettos or kitten heels but would always trade in a corset for relaxed-fit lingerie.

Feathered Frocks

Appearing effortlessly chic from head to toe is best accomplished with a gown that speaks for itself. Enter: posh plumes and easy-to-wear silhouettes.

This interpretation of Jazz Age inspiration is a bit more alluring than all-out glam; it's all about playfulness, drama, and texture. This look is easy yet over-the-top in all the best ways—similar to how we'll want parties to feel once we emerge from lockdown. This bride pushes party dressing to the max—and doesn't shy away from not wearing white.

ASHI wedding dress



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