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The most Unique Engagement Rings For Brides Who Don’t Do Traditional

Beautifully unconventional engagement rings are in – just look to Hollywood for inspiration, says Rachel Garrahan.

The biggest trend in engagement rings right now? Unconventionality.

Millennial couples are forging their own path, keen to do things differently to their parents, and are now popping the question in glorious technicolour – choosing alternative engagement rings over traditional solitaires.

Forget carat weight, or any of the other criteria that make up jewellery’s famous “five Cs”, for that matter. For a decidedly fresh aesthetic, betrothed couples are turning to bold cocktail-style rings or a delicate jumble of coloured gems, expressing themselves with alternative engagement rings that are as unique as the relationships they celebrate.

Take Lily Collins’s rose-cut diamond ring by Los Angeles jeweller Irene Neuwirth. Elegant but understated, this ring says less about engagement bling and maximum sparkle and more about a couple who became betrothed on a romantic camping trip. Then there is Ariana Grande, who celebrated her engagement with a unique diamond and pearl engagement ring just this month. Meanwhile, Zoë Kravitz showed she was a certified trailblazer when she opted for the unique beauty of antique, old-cut diamonds upon her engagement to Karl Glusman, spawning a rush on vintage designs. Or look to Emma Stone, whose choice confirmed how the luminescent lustre of pearl can be a great option for modern brides.

Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring, Moss Agate engagement ring, Maple Leaf Ring, Moss Agate twig ring

Amazingly detailed our wedding band for man features oak leaves and tiny acorns between textured bark. The woman's band features a vintage-inspired pattern of leaves and swirls. This is an original design and you won't see it mass-produced.

Edwardian Set is unique, yet sophisticated. The Edwardian Era was a time of abundance for the wealthy. Tailor-made clothes were all the rage. These Edwardian bands are both timeless and fashionable.

Made from recycled 9ct yellow gold this ring suits both men and women.

This 7mm gold ring is set with a 3mm white diamond, the diagonal shape of the ring around the setting frames the stone beautifully to give it a ‘lightning strike’ type feel while the dark, oxidised areas contrast well with the bright sparkle. The texturing of the metal was designed to achieve a textured effect reminiscent of the granite cliffs that stretch along the coast of Cornwall, and the deeper areas of texture are oxidised black to provide greater contrast between the 9ct yellow gold and the texture.

Solid Gold Rough Ring by Joy Everley

A delicate, handmade bridal set made in two gold colours and set with a natural white diamond of high quality.

The grooves in the bands are plated with black rhodium which emphasizes the texture.

Ruth Tomlinson is driven by passion for the earths treasures; the magic of minutiae, tiny intricacies, small imperfections, and the individual’s search for preciousness.

She seeks out the unconventional beauty within and this fuels her creativity, whether in the rarity of material or a curiosity of nature. Ruth’s inspiration is drawn from both the mysteries of historical jewels and the ephemerality of nature’s life cycles from birth to decay.

Eternelle in white and yellow gold set with diamonds.

Leo's proposal in a ring. Behind the scenes of this magical opal heart is an engraved message asking his beloved for their hand. Encrusted with diamond barnacles growing on her claws. Congratulations Abbie and Leo.

The 2022 Soho Engagement Capsule Collection takes classic engagement ring styles and elevates them. Inspired by our move to Soho, Shahla breathes new life into Solitaires and Multi-Stone Rings making the energy of our neighbourhood tangible by giving these timeless styles a modern twist.

The Cluster Gap Ring No. 2's graphic form balances nine claw-set diamonds on a wide cigar band.


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