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The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Sometimes the best marriage proposals require going to great heights, getting creative or choosing romantic settings.

Once you've chosen the engagement ring, it’s time to plan out how to propose. Your proposal is as unique as your relationship and a special moment for you and your soon-to-be fiancé. We're helping ease the proposal planning process with our most creative, romantic and cute proposal ideas.

How to Propose

Proposing is a magical moment in your relationship that signifies the change from dating to marriage. It's a truly romantic moment, but it can also be one that’s filled with jitters and butterflies. At its core, proposing is about getting down on one knee, presenting the women’s or men’s engagement ring, and asking your partner for their hand in marriage. Of course, today’s proposal ideas are more than just that single moment. Modern proposals can be creative, cute and incredibly romantic to signify the exciting change in your relationship.

To pop the question today, you may want to start by exploring marriage proposal ideas. Explore our proposal ideas guide for inspiration in proposing outdoors, at home, at a special event or proposals that involve friends and family.

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

Some of the best marriage proposals happen in places that are significant to your unique love story. For the adventurists among us, these places are usually in the great outdoors—or for city dwellers, somewhere in a park or suitably scenic location. Let the natural beauty of local or destination landscapes take your proposal plan to the next level.

Propose a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Love will quite literally be in the air when you're swept up in the beauty of the sky. Request a private hot air balloon ride (otherwise you could get grouped with people you don't know) and enjoy nature without breaking a sweat. (No hiking boots required!)

Before popping the question on a hot air balloon, make sure that your partner isn’t afraid of heights! There are many companies that allow hot air balloon rentals locally, or you can attend a hot air balloon gathering for a truly memorable backdrop.

Propose at a Famous Location

While more than a few romantic comedies have featured proposals at the top of the Empire State Building, you don't need to go to New York to make a grand gesture. Almost every city has an iconic landmark or tall building with an observation deck, and there's nothing like a sweeping view as a backdrop for a dramatic proposal.

Take a Hike to the Top

If you both love the feeling of conquering the top of a mountain, make that moment even more memorable by planning a proposal for your next hiking adventure. It may not be glamorous and this is more of a simple proposal idea, but the combination of striking scenery and endorphins will make for a breathtaking experience.

Stroll Down the Beach at Sunset

A classic move, a beach proposal doesn't have to feel overdone. If you make a point to see the ocean every year, plan to go digging for clams and have one hidden in your pocket that holds the engagement ring inside. You can also pop the question alongside the water, shelling or on the pier. The calming waves of the ocean offer the perfect backdrop to this romantic moment.

For colourful beach proposal ideas, stop by a beach with a vibrant boardwalk or restaurants alongside the ocean. You can propose on the water or at these beach spots that add an additional dimension to a beach proposal.

International Proposal Ideas

For the jet-setting couple, international proposals can be a surprisingly beautiful moment. Romantic cities like Paris are picture-perfect for proposal ideas. The Eiffel Tower is home to countless proposals and for good reason. Other international destinations that are perfect for proposing include Rome, Santorini, Moher’s famous cliffs, Iceland’s iconic waterfalls, Queensland’s heart reef, German castles and mountainous landscapes throughout the world. Cruises, both domestic and international, are also beautiful options for an adventurous proposal.

If you plan on proposing while on an international vacation, make sure to pack the ring in your carry-on luggage and keep an eye on it throughout your journey. Choose cities, countries and locations where you feel safe presenting the ring to your partner.

Artsy & Creative Proposal Ideas

Creative proposal ideas are just as meaningful as getting down on a knee at the Eiffel Tower. Any romantic or creative person will appreciate artsy and creative proposals. Don't worry if you're not artistically inclined—there are ways to get around that without sacrificing imagination.


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