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The best wedding perfumes to immortalise your special day

Even for the most fervent fragrance lover, the task of finding a wedding day perfume can be overwhelming. Choosing a scent for your big day will capture the moments in your olfactory memory and allow you to revisit them each time you lift the lid on that special bottle.

Bridal fragrance services can help you to find your perfect perfume, but if you're looking to do some research prior to your visit, or aren't able to fit an appointment into an already packed pre-wedding schedule, we spoke to experts behind some of the biggest fragrance brands to share their advice on the factors to contemplate when searching for your wedding day perfume.

"The fragrance you wear on your wedding day will stay with you forever. So, it is important to pick a scent that you not only love but also encapsulates you," says Matthew Herman, co-founder of gender neutral brand Boy Smells. "A wedding is a celebration of two individuals, coming together in love, to cherish each other for exactly who the other is. While it is a union it is also a celebration of two unique forces. So pick something that offers yourself up in your truest form."

With this in mind, you can then think about the context. Cathy Newman, marketing and customer experience director at The Perfume Shop, tells us:

"Consider the atmosphere you are trying to create and the location of your nuptials, as well as factoring in the season. While a summer manor house wedding may demand something classic and effortlessly sensual, a chic city affair calls for something sophisticated and sexy, whereas a dramatic winter church occasion might better suit a rich, heady fragrance."

Working out which notes you already like (i.e. those found in your current favourite perfumes) is a good starting point. From there, you can see which perfumes blend these with complimentary accords or experiment with contrasting notes.

"Layering notes from within the same family can create spellbinding symphonies," says Emma South, fragrance and lifestyle expert.

"A bespoke bouquet of floral notes will be completely enchanting, particularly when they mirror the floral arrangements. Equally captivating is a striking contrast. Scents in the citrus family always feel celebratory with their natural sparkle and effervescence and they dazzle worn with any other family, from the more luscious fruits to the smokiest woods."

While common wedding scent ingredients include notes such as rose, jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood, the perfect pairing isn't just about the fragrance matching you, but making sure that it also compliments your partner and their preferences.

"My top three tips for any couple looking to find the perfect scent would be firstly, come in together to choose your scents, it should be one of the most fun and least stressful decisions. Consider the day you are planning so you can find scents that reflect the setting, the season, and tie food, floral and thematic flourishes together," says South. "Lastly, resist wearing your chosen scents until your wedding so they don't become diluted with other memories. This will ensure they form the most powerful time capsule of your special day.”

Below, find our pick of the best wedding-appropriate perfumes to help capture those cherished memories.

The J’adore white flowers bouquet is reinvented and perfected in the new water-based Parfum d'eau. Closer to flowers, the composition is imbued with a new natural feel, spontaneous, refreshed.

Bella Blanca includes notes of sparkling pear, violet, jasmine sambac, rose and sandalwood.

The Bella Blanca flacon is covered with three-dimensional white flowers framing a gold plate etched with the name of the fragrance. The outer package is a sculpted floral decorated box featuring a gold band to tie to the design codes of the flacon.

Souvenir Floral Bouquet by Afnan is a tribute to luminous and sensual femininity.

Multi-faceted, this floral fragrance overflows with nuances. A dual interply, like the femininity that it represents: lively, sparkling and disturbing all at once, sweet, sensual, timeless and insolently modern.

Top Note: Lychee, Rhubarb, Bergamot

Middle Note: Rose, Muguet, Peony, Vanilla

Base Note: Musk, Cashmere Wood, Amber

A decadent take on the colour white, Le Parfum in White by Elie Saab is an addictive symphony of fruits and florals.

A blooming bouquet of purely pleasurable notes, this fragrance blends essence of mandarin and Borgeon de Cassis with soft, feminine jasmine sambac and orange blossom, veiled by a base of white musks and patchouli. Wear it in the morning for an enchanting awakening, or in the summer as a lighthearted signature.


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