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Sara Mrad Couture Bridal “Ribbon Reverie”

Sara Mrad Couture Bridal “Ribbon Reverie” preserves the vintage essence with modern silhouettes boasting an abundance of meticulously crafted hand embroidery, cascading waves of ribbons and majestic femininity.

Sara Mrad Couture Bridal Collection 'Ribbon Reverie,' a regal tapestry of enduring elegance. Vintage silhouettes, rejuvenated with meticulous craftsmanship, breathe new life into portraits left unfinished. Each gown boasts corseted allure, delicate hand embroidery, and cascading organza ribbons, forming regal waves. The collection is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and artistry, capturing the timeless splendour of an era etched on walls aged with elegance.

Taffeta Bridal Gown Exquisitely Pleated for a Graceful Flow Embellished with Meticulously Crafted 3D Leaves that Cascade Down the Gown and a Sophisticated Bow Detail.

Elegantly Sensual Fitted Bridal Gown adorned with Intricately Patterned Pearls Hand Crafted 3D Flowers and Satin Sleeve Cape with Elegant Folds.

Elegant Fit and Flair Bridal Gown Adorned with Pearls on a Chantilly Lace Top and Lustrous Silk Satin Skirt with Detachable Embellished Silk Satin Corset and Bow Detail.

Sensual Off Shoulder Fitted Bridal Gown with Regally Cord-Embroidered Details Reminiscent of a Vintage masterpiece on Chantilly Lace and Enveloped with a Moulage of Silk Taffeta Skirt and Cathedral Train.

Elegant Off-Shoulder Wedding Gown with Layers of Chantilly Lace and Gracefully Pleated Tulle Embellished with Pearls and Beads.

Elegant Tulle Bridal Gown Adorned with Regal Quoins Inspired Hand Embroidery, Lavishly embellished with Silver Appliques, Beads, and Pearls with a Captivating Veil.

Embroidered Bodice Royal Wedding Gown Adorned by Hand Crafted Extensive Lengths of Silk Organza Ribbons Crafted into Exquisite Flowers and Majestic Train with Tulle Gloves.


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