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Footwear befitting a blushing bride

There are so many decisions to make around a wedding from whether you’ll wear a dress, jumpsuit or two-piece to what your bridesmaids will wear and what cocktails you’ll serve at the reception but one of the best, we’d argue, is choosing your wedding shoes. As an accessory to your look, it’s a decision that’s far less pressuring than many of the others and one you can have real fun with.

In recent years, attitudes to wedding attire has relaxed and gone are the days when all bridal shoes look the same. Modern brides can wear whatever they like from flat pumps to heeled mules and towering strappy stilettos and there are so many different hues and fabrics to pick from.

When selecting your perfect bridal shoes, decide what you really want to show off. If you’ll be in a minimalist silk slip dress, opting for a pair of show-stopping, embellished heels can dial up the final look but if your outfit already speaks volumes, you might be best opting for a pair of simple, pared-back satin shoes. Whatever your vibe, there's something for every bride this season.

From Jimmy Choo to Manolo Blahnik, Gianvito Rossi and Gucci, scroll through to shop our edit of the season’s best wedding shoes below. And, for an edit of wedding flats to wear or change in to, head this way.

Gianvito Rossi

Jimmy Choo


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