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A few tips to get the wedding gown of your Dream

Most girls daydream about their wedding dress, and although finding the right dress for your wedding day isn't as easy as daydreaming, we're here to help with these bridal gown basics.

This is the age when brides dress for their own comfort level and personal style. The strapless gown still reigns supreme, but the market has expanded In recent years to include dresses with all manner of straps sleeves, and accessories. Some brides are even wearing more than one dress, such as a traditional gown for the ceremony and a short dress for the reception, so they can

comfortably dance the night away.

Satin, tulle, and lace are the most commonly used fabrics for wedding gowns, and the type of fabric you choose will greatly affect the price. The professionals at your local bridal salon can help you determine which fabric and details fit within your budget.

Start your search by gathering ideas. Bridal magazines, designer websites, and Pinterest are a great source. Compile the styles you like that suit the mood of your wedding Then make an appointment at your local bridal salon and invite a trusted team of family and friends to join you. At a salon, you can try on multiple styles and you're guaranteed to work with a consultant who has seen countless brides

before you and can help discern the right style of dress for your body type.

There are usually as many as four fittings that follow saying "yes" to the dress. Here are some tips for making this process run as smoothly as possible. Give yourself and the tailor sufficient time. Know that most gowns can't be changed by more than two sizes, up or down, so buy a dress that fits the biggest part of you rather than the smallest part. It's easier to take a dress in to hug your figure than it is to let it out.

Choose a tailor that has a great reputation, not the lowest rate. At each fitting, make sure to wear the same undergarments and shoes that you'll be wearing on your wedding day.

Even the slightest tweak in bra padding or heel height can change the way a dress hangs and where the hem falls.

Maybe it was your mother's or even your grandmother's wedding gown Maybe you've simply gone in for a vintage dress. Either way, your gown's not quite tip-top, and it needs a little TLC before the wedding.


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