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22 Best Wedding Sneakers to Dance the Night Away

Your feet will thank you on your big day

When rounding out your footwear choices for your wedding day, sneakers might not be top-of-mind—but hear us out. After the ceremony, receiving line, cocktail hour, and dinner, your feet will be ready to call it quits before the first dance even starts. Wedding sneakers just may be your saving grace.

Since this is one of the most important days of your life, no typical tennis shoe is going to cut it. So we’ve gone and done the legwork by rounding up the best wedding sneakers that offer a little something extra for the main event. From glittery lace-ups to lace-embroidered trainers to smooth leather slip-ons, there are plenty of options to inject a little of your own personal style into the mix.

And don’t think these sneakers can only be reserved for the after-party moments, either. Many of these styles aren’t meant to be hidden. Plan to incorporate them into the whole wedding weekend agenda, from the casual welcome dinner the night before to hotel brunch the morning after. Save space in your carry-on too, for all those honeymoon looks.

Below, shop the 22 best wedding sneakers for comfortable, post-ceremony looks and beyond.


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