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Wedding gloves for a stylish bride. Keep some tips!

Wedding gloves are the newest trend for bridal fashion and we are VERY into this new trend! Tutfey loves how it’s such a simple way to change up your look – whether it’s just for portraits, the ceremony, or the reception, we can guarantee there are a pair of bridal gloves here you just might love! From long gloves, fingerless gloves, short gloves and sheer gloves, there are so many different types of gloves.

Wedding gloves can offer a very classic and regal element to a bridal ensemble.

Right now we are also seeing lots of embellished sheer gloves which are the perfect way to step up your bridal look!

Why do people wear gloves at weddings?

They signify high status, clean hands, and white gloves as cleanliness and purity. But, the gloves' color does not have to match the wedding dress. Some brides pick gloves in a color they love instead of going with traditional white gloves. This can work for a modern wedding where you're not following tradition. For example, if your favourite color is pink, wear light pink wedding gloves.

If you're trying to get your "something blue" in, wear pale blue wedding gloves.

If harmony with the dress is your top priority, the color of the gloves should be the same as or lighter than the color of the dress. Therefore, do not choose a color that is darker than your dress.

Opt for fingerless gloves for a modern feel. One downside to gloves is that taking them on and off during the ceremony can be cumbersome. If you're having a more modern wedding, fingerless gloves can fit into the look and solve this problem. Fingerless gloves come in a variety of fashions and styles, just like regular gloves, but do not have fingers.

Some gloves have a slit in the ring finger designed for the ring ceremony. If you do not want to have to take your gloves off during the ceremony but do not want fingerless gloves, consider this option.

Go for vintage gloves for an old-fashioned wedding. If you're having a wedding with a vintage feel, buy a pair of vintage gloves to match. Stop by a local vintage shop and look for gloves from another era for your big day.

Get the right size. You do not want to end up wearing gloves that are too tight. Get your hands measured at a bridal shop to make sure you order gloves in the right size. American sizes generally run from small to extra large, while European sizes run from sizes 7 to 10.

Keep your gloves on during the ceremony. If you choose the style of wearing gloves at your wedding, make sure to wear gloves at all times during the ceremony. Always keep in mind that gloves are part of the dress and an important element of formal wear. As you walk down the aisle and say your vows, your gloves should remain in place. If bridesmaids are wearing matching gloves, they should also keep their gloves on during the ceremony.

Remove your gloves during the ring ceremony. When exchanging rings, you can remove your gloves. Have a plan of where to set them. Some brides may hand their gloves to the maid of honour, for example. With longer gloves, consider having a slit in the ring finger instead of removing the gloves. Removing something like opera-length gloves can be awkward.

If you're wearing fingerless gloves, you can keep these on during the ceremony.

Decide whether or not to keep your gloves on after the ceremony. During the greeting line after the ceremony, many brides opt to keep their gloves on. However, there is no strict etiquette regarding greeting others with your gloves. Gloves are also optional during the reception. It's a matter of personal preference, so deciding how much wearing gloves after the ceremony matters to you.

Bring multiple pairs of gloves so you can always have a clean pair to put on.

Take your gloves off when eating or drinking. If you're going to be eating or drinking, it's customary to remove your gloves. This will protect them from damage. If you opt to keep your gloves on at the reception, remove them when having a drink or food.

However, for very small bites or drinks, it's okay to keep your gloves on.

Bend the rules based on your preferences. While there was once strict etiquette regarding gloves during a wedding ceremony, a lot of tradition has faded with time. It's okay to make your own rules based on your personal preferences. It is your wedding, so you should wear gloves however you choose. It's okay to alter rules to suit the needs of your ceremony.


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