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Zimmermann SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Introducing Zimmermann Spring 2024 RTW collection, NATURA.

“For Spring 2024, we were inspired by the simple beauty of nature through various art forms. For key collection prints, we were drawn to the lovely, unexpected colour combinations of abstract landscape colourists and mixed these with the more scientific mood of classic botanist art against clean white backdrops. We also explored the visual symmetry that is found in nature and looked to 3D naturalist sculptures for inspiration in creating detail, shape and movement. The collection direction is clean and fresh, with a strong expression of colour, sculptural silhouettes and a variety of textures. All taking their cues from expressions of our natural surroundings.” - Nicky Zimmermann, Creative Director.

NATURA: The opening look of Zimmermann Spring 2024 collection featuring the Natura Gathered Midi Dress.



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