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What are wedding dress styles?

Every bride has a clear idea of what her perfect wedding dress should look like.

It may take days or even weeks to find it, but the result is always worth the effort. At the same time, as a rule, brides are looking for their ideal within the framework of one silhouette, which is not so much in wedding fashion. To make it easier to find and choose the right wedding dress, TUTFEY presents seven of the most sought-after wedding dress silhouettes.


Tight-fitting in the chest and waist and gradually expanding to the bottom, the dress is perhaps the most popular and sought-after silhouette of a wedding dress. This universal classic model is suitable for any type of figure. A-line wedding dresses are presented in almost every collection because such a cut looks elegant and best suits the solemnity of the moment.

For such a model, a dense satin fabric is ideal, which holds its shape, allowing you to present an A-line skirt in an advantageous way. The most important point when choosing an A-line dress is the right size: the dress should fit snugly on top of the figure, not gather at the waist and smoothly transition into an expanding skirt .

Silhouette Princess

A wedding dress with a puffy skirt is the embodiment of the bride's dream of a fabulous wedding. This classic silhouette will make you feel like a real princess. Designers present a huge number of variations of the outfit beloved by brides - a luxurious wide skirt can be decorated with flounces, pleats or frills, and the bodice can be embroidered with rhinestones or draped with lace.

By the way, it was with a puffy pompous skirt that the European tradition of wearing a white elegant dress for a wedding began. In the middle of the 19th century, Queen Victoria appeared in a similar outfit at her wedding, after which all the ladies of the court followed her example.

Such a dress should not be chosen by girls of small stature - a wide skirt will make a miniature figure disproportionate and squat. But for tall girls, such a dress will be an ideal option - it will help hide wide hips or, conversely, balance the proportions of the figure of owners of wide shoulders.

Silhouette "Mermaid"

The "mermaid" silhouette suggests a tight-fitting dress from the chest to the knees with a skirt that expands sharply below the knee. This is the sexiest and boldest version of a wedding dress.

This model looks great on girls with an hourglass figure, that is, on owners of a thin waist, lush breasts and hips. It shows everyone around every curve of the body, creating a feminine and seductive silhouette.

The "mermaid" dress is far from universal because it makes high demands on the figure - it will not suit girls with extra centimeters at the waist and too narrow or too wide hips.

Also, when deciding on a mermaid silhouette dress, you need to remember that it deprives you of freedom of movement. However, if the bride is self-confident and opted for such a model, there is no doubt that it will look incomparable.


An empire dress with an accentuated high waist and a free flowing skirt is one of the most romantic and delicate options for a wedding dress. With the seeming simplicity of the cut, such dresses look very feminine and elegant. The Empire silhouette, which appeared in the era of Antiquity and experienced a second birth at the very end of the 18th century, has forever become a fashionable classic and a model of sophistication and grace.

Dresses in antique style, made of weightless flowing fabrics - silk or chiffon, look especially impressive. They create a feeling of lightness and look great on the move.

This model visually increases growth and hides figure flaws, the emphasis is on the shoulders and arms. Empire dress does not restrict movement and allows the bride to feel comfortable.

Giving preference to the Empire-style wedding dress, you should abandon the classic veil or veil. A neat wreath of natural flowers or a complex styling of braids will look much more appropriate with such a model.

Tight or straight dress

A straight or figure-hugging wedding dress is an excellent choice for brides who value restraint and minimalism. It should be noted that such a dress does not look simple or modest. Due to the numerous options for the execution of the upper part of the outfit, it can look very sexy and seductive. A straight skirt with a simple cut can be combined with a deep neckline or an open back.

Such a model gives many opportunities to adjust the figure - a deep V-neckline will lengthen the neck and give a slim silhouette, a square neckline will visually reduce the bust, and all kinds of draperies or asymmetrical sleeves will hide wide shoulders.

Midi dress

Wedding dresses midi length, first of all, can be divided into two types - dresses in the style of new look and cases. New-look dresses are distinguished by a narrow bodice that emphasizes the waist and a wide skirt, the volume of which is given by several lower layers. Such a silhouette visually brings the figure of the brides closer.



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