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Designer Peter Hawkings made his Tom Ford debut today during Milan Fashion Week.

For spring 2024, Hawkings, who spent his whole 25-year career working with Tom Ford himself, celebrated his mentor with a collection that spoke to the house's signature codes—there was plenty of glamour to go around.

Congratulations to Peter Hawkings for tonight’s debut as creative director Tom Ford. We can image how nerve wracking a first show with this responsibility can be. After this solid but cautios start we can’t wait to see where Peter will take the brand next.

“It’s absolutely everything to me,” he said, “We’ve been working on changing manufacturers, making sure shoes are beautifully made and comfortable, and bringing the tailoring up to the same level as the men’s.”

On the women’s side, the velvet pant suits modeled after another iconic Gucci collection by Ford were particularly convincing; it’s the category that Hawkings knows best.

“Tom’s been an absolutely amazing support to me here. He told me, your attention to detail is fantastic, and I’m sure it’s gonna be super glamorous.’” - said designer Peter Hawkings.

On both counts, Ford was right.

Photo by @styledumonde



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