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Tobacco Honey by GUERLAIN

Touched by honey, tobacco turns to gold. In Tobacco Honey, opposites attract in swirling intensity, blending the golden sheen of honey and the vibrancy of a tobacco accord with leather, smoke, chocolate, and oud wood.

"If Tobacco Honey were a masterpiece, it would be a patchwork of tobacco leaves reminiscent of the land art of Arte Povera." - The Guerlain Perfumers.

With Tobacco Honey, Guerlain Perfumer Delphine Jelk orchestrates golden honey and smoky tobacco to perfection, wrapped in vanilla, tonka bean and sesame.

Personalise your L'Art & La Matière fragrance with the new Exceptional Plate by Parisian artist Anne Féat Gaiss. A limited-edition piece evoking delicate leaves of tobacco covered in rich golden honey, gilded by hand with glittering copper leaf, inspired by new L'Art & La Matière: Tobacco Honey.

"Inspired by the olfactory trail of Tobacco Honey, I imagined a swirling composition suggesting tobacco leaves dipped in honey.” - Anne Féat Gaiss

Curls, veins, arabesques… Individually crafted by hand, each Exceptional Plate requires several hours of meticulous sculpting, brushed with shimmering copper leaf, before being varnished and hand-carved in a labour of loving precision. Discover the full collection of made-to-measure plates with The Art of Personalisation for L'Art & La Matière Collection.

Discover a limited-edition collection of Exceptional Plates by artist Anne Féat Gaiss, inspired by new L’Art & La Matière: Tobacco Honey.

A unique series of just 200 individually-sculpted creations, available now at



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