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This season's Fendi Couture goes beyond the spectacle to the reality of wearing

Whispered, not shouted. This season's Fendi Couture goes beyond the spectacle to the reality of wearing.

In Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023, Kim Jones and the Fendi Atelier craftspeople continue to make couture traditions both human and approachable. A softness is sought and expressed both in terms of flexibility in how clothing is worn – seen particularly in the outer corset motif – and in how it feels.

"Colours come from flesh tones as well as that of stones: black diamonds, rubies, sapphires. There is a play of soft and hard, flesh and stone." - Kim Jones on Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023

The discreetly multifaceted nature of Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023 reaches a crescendo in embroidery techniques that unite the clothing and the jewellery worlds, with jewel-like embellishments and stacked tonal paillettes and stones at the closing of the show.

Fusing the rigour of Roman architecture with the eternal asymmetries and mirages of the natural world, Delfina Delettrez Fendi presents Fendi Triptych, her debut high jewellery collection.

Go behind the scenes of Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023 with Loïc Prigent.

Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023 captures the hidden intricacies of Kim Jones' latest collection, from second-skin silks with a single seam to draping and jewel-inspired craftsmanship, drawing from high jewellery by Delfina Delettrez Fendi.

Precious details from Fendi Couture, from jewel box minaudières to Delfina Delettrez Fendi's debut high jewellery collection.

Kim Jones’ vision for Fendi Couture Autumn/Winter 2023 comes to life in the hands of Fendi atelier craftspeople—keepers of decades of traditions and savoir-faire.



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