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The most iconic Hermès fragrances

Legendary perfumes that have captured the hearts of many generations are almost always outlined with exciting stories and crowned with an aura of high feelings.

Without such a “spiritual” frame, even the most exquisite aromas created by the best perfumers in the world are not able to capture a person’s consciousness.

Thanks to their subtle sense and ability to catch the wind of change, the perfumers of the House of Hermès have been able to create fragrances over which time has no power for many decades.

Looking through the bible of its own perfume masterpieces, the company identified the most important chapters, supplementing them with illustrations.

Les Parfums Classiques

Chapter 1:

l'Eau d'Hermès In 1951, Edmond Roudnistska wrote the first pages of the tale of Hermès’ classic fragrances. He captured all the charm and the subtlety of his time to give birth to a timeless fragrance, l'Eau d'Hermès.

Rediscover "Les Parfums Classiques"

Chapter 2:

Calèche In 1961, Calèche was the first feminine fragrance created by Hermès. It reflects the memory of an iconic partnership for the House.

Rediscover "Les Parfums Classiques"

Chapter 3: Equipage

Created in 1970, Equipage was the first Hermès masculine fragrance. It evokes the spirit of sharing and working together.

Rediscover “Les Parfums Classiques“

Chapter 4: Amazone

Created in 1974 by Maurice Maurin, Amazone was inspired by the warrior women of legend who reigned on the shores of the Black Sea. It represents a free and modern femininity.

Rediscover "Les Parfums Classiques"

Chapter 5: Bel Ami

Inspired by the Maupassant novel, in 1986 Hermès created a masculine fragrance with a quiet strength called 'Bel Ami'.



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