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The House of Dior honors Muguet, Christian Dior’s lucky flower and the emblem of warm days

The House of Dior is celebrating May 1st with a numbered re-release of its most precious bottle, Diorissimo, designed by Christian Dior in 1956. This tradition dear to the House of Dior honors Muguet, Christian Dior’s lucky flower and the emblem of warm days.

Dior invites you to discover the most spectacular amphora ever imagined for Diorissimo, the eau de toilette that celebrates lily of the valley. Mouth-blown in the Baccarat’s workshops, each Diorissimo bottle is a unique piece.

Christian Dior envisioned Muguet adorning every salon at 30 avenue Montaigne, gifting it on May 1st to those dear to him, solidifying its status as a Dior icon. Diorissimo, born in 1956, epitomized this vision with its timeless fragrance. Now, as the heir to Edmond Roudnitska’s masterpiece, Francis Kurkdjian revives its original brilliance within a limited edition of numbered pieces in a lavish floral bottle.

Diorissimo, an olfactory ode to spring’s sweetness, captures the essence of Muguet with rare realism. Composed by Edmond Roudnitska in 1956, it mirrors the scent of this ‘mute’ flower, challenging to replicate due to its elusive nature.

Francis Kurkdjian, Dior’s Perfume Creative Director, meticulously revisited each ingredient, ensuring the fragrance retains its timeless allure and luxury.

A majestic bouquet of finely chiseled flowers – a rose, a jasmine, and a carnation, symbolizing the fragrance harmony of Muguet – overlooks each amphora. This extraordinary crown, finely gilded, has been reproduced identically to the original version designed by Christian Dior.



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