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The HERO: 18K SUNDIAL BRACELET by Temple St. Clair

A fascination with the center of Temple St. Clair's universe has engaged human curiosity for millennia. From ancient astronomical studies to musings by Fornasetti, Temple continues the tradition of exploring depictions of the biggest star in our galaxy.⁠

Pictured: The Sundial Bracelet & The Diamond Starburst Bracelet⁠

The 18K Sundial Bracelet is a treasure worthy of its name. Crafted in partnership with an astrophysicist from Bologna, this intricate bracelet is at once an elegant jewel and a fully working sundial. Among renderings of the sun, moon, and diamond-set stars, is a tiny opening, which, when touched by sunlight, displays the time along the bracelet’s inner side. Handmade by one of Temple St. Clair's masterful Italian jewellers, the 18K Sundial Bracelet can be custom ordered with your zodiac’s constellation.



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