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Discover unique and award-winning gold watches by Fabergé

These highly original 18-karat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold watches come set with the finest emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and mother-of-pearl. These luxury gold watches perpetuate the ingenious and freethinking spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé.

Faberge is pleased to introduce a new addition to the Compliquée Peacock collection, the Compliquée Peacock Arte Rose Gold Hand-Painted Limited Edition Watch.

Following on from the great success at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2015, in which the Compliquée Peacock won the High-Mechanical award, Faberge has now introduced a new variation on the theme, made in partnership with Workmaster, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht from Agenhor and master craftsman, André Martinez, a specialist in miniaturist artistic painting on watch dial.

Limited to ten numbered pieces of each design, each watch dial is totally unique and features an intricate scene hand-painted by André Martinez, depicting a peahen alongside the iconic peacock. These miniature masterpieces pop with colour, with vibrant blues, greens and orange.

The paintings are carried out with lacquers of exceptional quality. Whilst remaining true to traditional miniature painting techniques, these lacquers also meet high manufacturing standards, including resistance to UV rays; and they are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

This new creation features an 18k rose gold case with forest green crocodile leather strap.

The case features a diamond set bezel, which adds a delicate radiance to the stunning design.

The Compliquée Peacock watch features a unique movement developed exclusively for Fabergé by Agenhor. Hours are read at the winding crown at three o’clock, as a numbered mother-of-pearl ring rotates counter-clockwise. The minutes are read by the position of the peacock's tail feathers as they unfurl each hour, only returning to zero when the lead feather reaches 60. These watches perpetuate the ingenious and free-thinking spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé himself, who imagined and made many of his creations to be both emotive and fascinating. Innovative and surprising, the Compliquée Peacock pays homage to the renowned Imperial Class ‘Peacock Egg’ of l908, while the hand-painted decoration is reminiscent of a silver gilt, enamel and sapphire set gold cigar box from the Fabergé archive.



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