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Stella McCartney FW23 Ad campaign

Introducing the Winter 2023 campaign, with next-gen horse lover and equestrian Kendall Jenner as the new Stella girl.

A celebration of the timeless healing relationships between humans and horses. It is a collection of what Stella loves, crafted from 92% responsible materials.

The campaign is shot by Harley Weir at the Camargue Salt Flats in the south of France, amongst white ponies native to the region – raised freely by horse whisperer Jean Francois Pignon.

Surrounded by the healing hoofs of Jean Francois Pignon’s herd, Kendall Jenner shares a deep respect and love for horses.

Xena, Heaven, Rivière, Vanilla… All of Jean-Francois’ stunning white horses were raised or rescued by him. Some are sisters, descended from his first mare, Gazelle.

"To fully communicate with horses, you need to be calm and serene inside – completely free of tension. Once you are in that state, you can communicate on a truly sensitive level." – Jean-Francois Pignon, horse whisperer​.

A kindness towards horses shows in the connection between Kendall Jenner and Jean Francois Pignon – whose herd is raised to trust him entirely through body language and love, shot in the south of France near to where they live.​

Surrounded by the healing hoofs of Jean Francois Pignon’s herd, Kendall Jenner shares a deep respect and love for horses.

She has been an accomplished equestrian since childhood.

“Horses make me feel empowered and encouraged. They’ve always helped to relieve me from any imbalances or stress – they are the best companions.” – Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is wearing a slashed Georgette dress by Stella McCartney in ancient-forest-friendly viscose and holding a vegan iconic Falabella, crafted from recycled and biobased materials.

Kendall Jenner is holding iconic Stella McCartney's Frayme, handcrafted in Italy from a vegan alternative to leather made from apple waste. Its chain is recyclable aluminium, laced with organic cotton.

Which one is more beautiful?

Playful moments with Kendall Jenner and Jean Francois Pignon’s horses behind the scenes at Stella McCartney FW23 shoot.

"Horses have a strength that is almost hard for humans to understand and, even though I can’t communicate with them directly, I feel that the ones I have cared for have always lent that strength to me.” – Kendall Jenner



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