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Schiaparelli: where art and design combine

Elsa Schiaparelli was always fascinated with the human face: eyes, ears, noses and lips were constant sources of inspiration – as well as hands.

The Anatomy Jewelry bag is a testament to how imagination and craftsmanship can create art, with a velvet exterior embroidered with intricate beadwork and sequins to highlight the two enamel eyes watching from the surrounded splendour, their expression filled with enticing ambiguity.

The Surrealist art movement gave an outlet to Elsa Schiaparelli’s desire to cast the familiar anew in an elevated perspective.

Using those features that are innately recognisable to humanity – our faces – the Anatomy Jewelry bag takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. This leather iteration is lined in iconic Shocking Pink, a staple colour of the brand since 1937.

Schiaparelli is well known for subverting the typical through a surrealist lens. In these earrings, a keyhole silhouette sits in place of the typical hoop, surrounded by what can only be likened to puffy clouds imagined in high-shine enamel. The result? A bold accessory that'll add a touch of eccentricity to any ensemble.

Schiaparelli's surrealist tendencies are longstanding, with present-day creative director Daniel Roseberry honouring some of the Maison's most iconic motifs in the current collection. The eye is one such emblem, here reimagined as earrings with gold-tone eyelashes and a single suspended tear.

The brushed virgin wool of this coat has been intricately embroidered with beads aligned to mimic coiling waves of lustrous hair, with the shine of each tonal bead complementing the anatomically themed gold-tone buttons.



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