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Schiaparelli SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Schiaparelli’s granddaughter Marisa Berenson remembered how, many years ago, Schiap took an everyday item and made it a surrealist sensation.

The trompe l’œil ribbon. From there—ears, eyes, noes, and mouth, all have had a second or third gilded and golden life at the French Maison. Now, American designer Daniel Roseberry is continuing the conversation, or, maybe he is having the last laugh.

Kendall Jenner takes lady-in-red glamour to the next level as she walks Schiaparelli’s spring 2024 show in Paris! As proven on the runway, red-hot fashion is here to stay.

Blunt bobs, sharp cuts, and plenty of glamorous hair ruled Schiaparelli’s spring 2024 runway during Paris Fashion Week.



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