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Sara Mrad Couture Collection: The New Era

Sara Mrad's stunning collection captivates at first sight. It is as if you are transported to a blooming garden. Oh, how many flowers there are! The designer sings an ode to female beauty, comparing it with the magnificent buds of juicy and bright mysterious flowers.

Sara Mrad explained that she wanted to do something bold and fresh with flowers, "allowing their colour, texture and structure to inspire a new, modern beauty."

The floral influence was palpable in the cut of skirts which looked as if they were composed of petals, and bustiers, sprouting fragile filaments in silk chiffon-like pistils. Organza frocks appeared to have been constructed from hundreds of buds sewn together.

The whole collection was a riot of fresh, vibrant colour. Voluminous hand-painted skirts conjured up exotic orchids or the loud contrasts seen in showy flowers like parrot tulips.



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