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Sara Mrad Couture collection “Ripples In The Wind”

Sara Mrad Couture collection “Ripples In The Wind” as wind and water merge, sculpting garments with a fluid, artistic grace.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey as Sara Mrad unveils its Couture collection this Thursday. Enter a realm where textures intertwine with the delicate dance of wind and water, creating designs that ripple with the allure of nature’s elements.

Embark on a journey of elegance with this couture creation, crafted from luxurious ruby silk organza. Waves artfully flow around the bust and gently descend, while a voluminous puffy silk taffeta cape adds a touch of grandeur and drama to this enchanting ensemble.

A handmade silk organza asymmetrical jacket, sculpted with waves that gracefully shape the bust and encircle the garment, seamlessly complements a plain Crepe mermaid cut skirt. Radiating in butter yellow hues, this ensemble exudes sophistication and grace.

Dive into a dreamlike world with this enchanting silk organza ball gown. In a faded lilac hue, its one-shoulder design and pleated layers evoke the gentle sway of sea mushrooms, captivating in their ethereal beauty.

Transport yourself to the serenity of the sea with this mesmerizing mermaid dress. Embroidered and embellished in sunrise on the sea hues, voluminous waves cascade around the neckline, adorned with heavy pearls and beads. Each intricate detail captures the essence of crashing waves, evoking a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Envision elegance in motion: a rosewater pink taffeta corset with intricate wavy moulage meets a hand-pleated lilac taffeta skirt, draping structured around the hips. Couture craftsmanship and romance intertwine in this exquisite gown.

Inspired by the ocean’s ethereal beauty, this resplendent garment in light pink radiates with shimmering sequins, meticulously adorned with delicate 3D seaweed motifs cascading from the bust to the hemline.

A grandiose puffy Paris mikado cape adds a touch of majestic grace.



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