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"Les Miroirs”, inspired by AlUla’s mirrored architectural wonder and the world’s largest mirrored building, Maraya, features couture gowns representing its reflective facets, creating a mesmerising interplay of light and shadow.

The collection also pays homage to the resilient desert flora as a symbol of life in harsh conditions. This theme is beautifully expressed through floral motifs set against a canvas of shimmering sequins and beads, evoking the sun’s dance across the dunes.

While the natural splendour of the region is the main inspiration behind Kadi’s collection, the cultural heartbeat of the region pulsates through each creation. Many of the patterns on the dresses are inspired by the ancient inscriptions adorning AlUla’s rocky trails.

Transparent maxi dress fully embellished with PVC and clear teadrop transparent crystals, underlayed with a silver sequins net fabric.

Voluminous gowns adorned with corsets that cinch waists and skirts, gracefully flowing capes, asymmetrical cuts, and meticulous drapings, make up the 32 pieces of Les Miroirs. Holographic materials create dazzling illusions and rainbows solely through reflections. Recycled plastic and PVC add depth to the designs.

Bright white crop top adorned with 3D organza flowers and cruelty-free feathers, paired with a silver sequins net fabric.

Silver asymmetric gown embroidered with silver sequins sheets and crystals featuring a matching cape with cruelty free feathers.



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