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Rahul Mishra SPRING 2023 COUTURE

Forms of the mystical free-swimming marine animals, Jellyfish or sea jellies are a prominent theme in our Spring Couture 2023 collection.

Forging a connection between the depths of an ocean bed and the multiverse. The representation is a gesture to ‘Jellyfish Galaxies’ that exist within galaxy clusters characterised by the stripping of gas into active black holes while causing starbursts along the tail of gas.

The structures of jellyfish in our ‘Cosmos’ are realised in recycled brass that is gold plated and hand-tacked onto the surfaces. Metallic brass structures are also complemented with two and three-dimensional, multi-media hand embroidery that attempts to captures the textural details and colours of various species of jellyfish.

To assume the magnitude of the Cosmos, one looks up into the interstellar space with wonder and curiosity; to a point when one feels humble and inconsequential. But to be able to look around and discover tiny miracles of life, is another joy.

The ladybird or ladybug is another recurring element in this collection that is seen crawling over the silhouettes and embroidered leaves as protectors of their tiny world. As they prey on herbivore insects, they’re known to protect the plants they inhabit.

Considered beneficial insects by science, and symbols of good luck and protection across cultures, they’re another fascinating part of our story of the cosmos.

Light years apart yet set on the same horizon, there are galaxies in the vacuum constantly originating and fading. Who is to say that they aren’t contained in a single water droplet, and who must deny that the droplet lies in an ocean.

3D hand-embroidered winged ‘leotard’ bodysuit.

The piercing gaze of an eagle comprehends the world below it, in a manner that a ladybug cannot fathom. And this season, our ‘Cosmos’ expands from landscape into the beyond — the sunken city of Atlantis, gleaming in gold over a vivid coral reef as streams of salt water flow above the atmosphere curtailing celestial bodies, planets and planetoids.



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