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Rahul Mishra ‘We, The People’ Haute Couture

"We, The People" reimagines a fashion worker’s trance interlaced with their immediate reality. Here are some highlights from the ‘Sunderbans’ series of the collection.

The hand-embroidered 3D ‘Iris’ petal dress, aims to imitate the petals of the Iris flower reimagined in a Ruby hue.

The surface of the dress aims to mimic the actual Iris flower, achieved through a meticulous play of resham threads, beads, pearls, and glimmering sequins.

The intricate hand-embroidered pieces from the collection showcase delicate floral motifs on monotone gold fabric are realised through a meticulous combination of gold and translucent materials, such as resham threads and layered matte leaves sequins, creating an auric gilded golden effect.

Surfaces from 'We, The People' are an articulation of the fashion worker's trance interlaced with their immediate reality. An embroiderer, seated in a concrete cube on a cushioned mat as they loop, knot and pull silk thread out of plain fabric through imprints of tiny motifs with a sharp needle hook called the aari.

For hours, days and months spent on the same piece of fabric, an individual is painstakingly looping a stitch per second on yards of fabric to make one couture garment. Sometimes we wonder if their meditative state of uninterrupted focus transports their mind to a parallel imaginative universe of vivid embroidery artworks.

Discover the looks from the ‘Verdure’ series, portraying the self-sustaining ecosystem of an untouched forest through our intricate hand embroidery. A variety of animals interacting with tens of species of plants are a study in botanical science just as they are an attempt to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature.

The 3D la lune ‘Iris’ corset top, aims to imitate the petals of Iris flowers reimagined in metallic silver.

The top is paired with the hand-embroidered ‘Verdure’ pastel lehenga, portraying the ecosystem of an untouched forest.

Hand embroidered ’Sundarbans’ La Soleil Lattice Fish-cut trail is a gleaming gold skirt showcasing delicate floral motifs along with miniature imprints of artisans meticulously working on the garment. The skirt is paired with a coordinating blouse.

The hand-embroidered’Sunderbans’ la soleil lattice trail lehenga is a gleaming gold skirt featuring intricate threadwork & sparkling sequins as paired with a ‘Kingfisher’ bird shirt.

The hand-embroidered garments from the Noir ‘Sunderbans’ series of the collection.

The intricate 3D embroidery imitates the lush flora & fauna of the virgin forest in a monochromatic palette, achieved through a meticulous concoction of resham threads, glimmering sequins, beads & lustrous pearls.

Pieces are a work of wonderment that assumes if an embroiderer would really envision the adda (embroidery frame) turning into a lotus pond and if there is an instance when they feel themselves in the Sundarbans amidst its virgin forest, caressing a majestic tiger.

Akin to moonlight falling on a lotus pond, looks are embellished by silver metallic sequins atop our signature foliage motifs.



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