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Rahul Mishra FALL 2024 COUTURE

A ‘jiva’ living being is a combination of three factors—body, mind and soul and all that together amounts to aura.

The collection becomes an attempt to articulate through couture clothing, how the said omnipresent aura may interact with a living body. And how the living body becomes a vessel for a part of this energy, and draws its greatness from it.

The Hindu god Brahma, also known as Trikaldarshi, meaning the seer of all time—the past, present, and future—is the creator of the entire cosmos. In mythology, he is represented with four heads to contemplate all directions at once.

The garment symbolises god Brahma’s intrinsic energy of ‘seer’ with the two faces crafted onto the surface of the silhouette, representing the imperceptible quality of god and his creations and the aura surrounding it.

And ‘Brahmand’, transliterating (from Sanskrit) to ‘Brahma’s offspring’ is the universe, a multi dimensional plane consisting of all time, space and its contents that emerge from Brahma’s imagination, like a subjective reality or a creation of the mind. It is perceived that the entirety of matter in the universe, the extent of which is beyond human comprehension, is nothing but energy that is emanated from Brahma’s being, akin to an ‘AURA’ that embodies and surrounds him.



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