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Petal-Powered Parfums

We pick a gorgeous bunch for you, inspired by real and imagined gardens...

Perfumers talk so often of being inspired by the garden - their own, containing personal scent memories, and more exotic or even fantasy spaces. Beckoned into those olfactory landscapes, with each spritz we might close our eyes and sense a flagstone path leading us deep within a walled garden filled with herbs, or dusky bowers of velvety, rambling roses. Perhaps we follow our noses to a perfumed patch where honeysuckle tangles into sweetly scented swags of jasmine, or tiptoe to a mini, meadowed corner where wildflowers have been left to bloom.

The garden-centric scents we've chosen here evoke specific places or are composed for you to imagine your own secret, scented garden. But they don't necessarily wallow in nostalgia. Houses such as AERIN take a more contemporary, intriguing spin on floral, for example, proffering "bunches not bouquets", as founder Aerin Lauder once told us, to be worn by hip urbanites who might swagger through city gardens in a leather jacket rather than a Barbour.

Introducing a bold new fragrance to the Rose Premier Collection. Rose de Grasse Rouge continues AERIN’s exploration of the world’s most beloved flower with a fragrance that is bold, sensual and alluring, like a freshly cut red rose.

Experience the depth and allure of Rose de Grasse Rouge. A bold new limited-edition Eau de Parfum, Rouge evokes the warmth and vitality of a perfect red rose, just picked from the garden.

Rose de Grasse Rouge is a true celebration of the rose, which is a constant source of inspiration for me. Not just because I love the way roses smell, but because of their meaning. Roses symbolize friendship, generosity and love, all of which are very important to me.” —Aerin Lauder.

With its notes of alluring Red Rose, dewy Rose Water and warm Honeycomb, Rose de Grasse Rouge expresses the voluminous beauty of a red rose, just picked from the garden.

Summer is in full bloom. Lush pink Indian Rose and rare Rose Centifolia make Rose de Grasse Joyful Bloom the perfect fragrance for the season.

Orange roses symbolize happiness, energy and enthusiasm—perfectly capturing the feeling of AERIN Rose de Grasse Joyful Bloom.

Don't be surprised…

…if you find the eau de parfum Eau Rose utterly surprising. It's a fragrance that reveals unexpected facets of the flower in its notes of litchi, chamomile and artichoke – notes that are naturally present in the rose. Firad rose essence adds fruity accents, and an elegant originality.

Smoky and sensual, Rose de Chine contrasts golden peony with myrrh and cistus absolute.

She is luminous. Fearless. Fierce in her desire to re-enchant the world. As her power radiates all around her, the Goddess makes wonders, setting free an extraordinary floral energy…

Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum Supra Florale turns the signature solar jasmine of the original scent into a monumental, otherworldly supra flower. Shapeshifting, fascinating, the new bloom is the symbol of the augmented femininity embodied by Alien Goddess. The future of florality, infused in a daring and avant-garde Eau de Parfum.

More than a scent, this is a supra-sensorial experience.

Let it bloom.

Bold without being overpowering, feminine but not overtly floral, Kilian's 'Good girl gone Bad' perfume combines Rose of May, Jasmine and Indian Tuberose with musky Cedarwood and Amber. We love the way it lingers.

Bold without being overpowering, feminine but not overtly floral, Kilian's 'Good girl gone Bad' perfume combines Rose of May, Jasmine and Indian Tuberose with musky Cedarwood and Amber. We love the way it lingers.

Wildly wonderful. Wild Bluebell captures vibrant sapphire flowers gently blooming in a shaded, secluded woodland.

Sheer, modern, and beautiful, FLORIST eau de parfum is a celebration of the citrus floral. Featuring the enchanting, powerful tuberose, but approached in a sparkling new way, FLORIST pairs tuberose petals with Italian bergamot, golden gardenia, honeysuckle and jasmine in a stunning arrangement that lingers like a flower-tinted spring breeze.



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