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Parisian jewelry designer Yvonne Léon trawls flea markets and museums for inspiration but interprets her finds in a modern way

Surrounded from an early age by beauty and jewellery techniques passed down from generation to generation – Yvonne’s quickly discovered in herself the love and need for continuing the artisan traditions of her family by venturing into the world of fine jewellery through the creation of her signature brand. The designer’s strong connection to her heritage shines through in the classic designs and ornate motifs that are beautifully revisited in a modern context.

Parisian jewelry designer trawls flea markets and museums for inspiration but interprets her finds in a modern way. Handcrafted from 9- or 18-karat gold, her whimsical pieces are decorated with precious stones and colorful enamel. Discover the signet rings and earcuffs in our edit.

Yvonne Léon’s 'Pompon' ring is a subtle way to incorporate the fringe trend into your jewelry collection. Handmade from 18-karat gold, it’s topped with a lustrous pearl and framed by delicate chains encrusted with diamonds. Wear it solo for optimal impact.

Yvonne Léon's playful collections are influenced by vintage and antique jewelry. Crafted from 18-karat gold, this 'L’Île Aux Trésors' necklace is strung with a glass pendant depicting a desert island scene. The motif is illuminated by a selection of sparkling stones, including diamonds, tsavorites, topaz and sapphires.

Yvonne Léon's ring is shaped to depict a dolphin, which is believed to symbolize guidance, intelligence and joy. Part of the label's 'Sea Side' collection, it's hand-cast from gleaming 18-karat gold and illuminated by 0.74-carats of shimmery grey diamonds. Wear it on your index finger.

This 'Bague Rêves Étoilés' ring is designed to depict a cheetah prowling the landscape. It's handcrafted from 9-karat gold and set with 0.40-carats of vivid tsavorites and 0.10-carats of shimmering diamonds.

Hand-cast from polished 9-karat gold, this ring is inlaid with a tiny 0.01-carat diamond. Try it on your pinky finger.



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