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Paco Rabanne SPRING 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

Rabanne’s Julien Dossena blended the warrior woman dressed in dripping chain mail with the animal world. Metallic linked coins transformed to what looked like sheep hair or peacock feathers, or horsetails.

It was less moonwalk, more exotic farmhand, and made for an utterly beguiling look. If you can’t pull off a head-to-toe menagerie, the Rabanne tanks and bags—all of which felt like must haves—will carry the house’s irreverent spirit home.

From one extreme, the tangible relics of distant civilisations; from the other, the unimaginable state of the world centuries from now. Julien Dossena’s Spring-Summer 24 collection emerges in the realm of a mirage, where the myths and artefacts that endure collide with the stories dreamt up. Where reality blurs with illusory.

Press play to have a first glimpse of the show.



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