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Oscar de la Renta FALL 2024 READY-TO-WEAR

For the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2024 Collection, Co-Creative Directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia were inspired by the ornate complexities of art nouveau architecture and glass designs.

Vibrant hues of ginger, olivine and berry complement the collection staple, cocoa. Bold prints such as the jaguar, ‘O’ chain-link and spider chrysanthemum artwork cover classic daywear styles. Sophisticated silhouettes reveal themselves in refined tailoring, corseted tea-length dresses and structured gowns punctuated with organic hemlines. Novelty fabrics such as a cocoa and ginger ombré leather and a woven basketweave crepe showcase the collection’s innovative techniques.

Prominent art nouveau elements come to the fore in eveningwear — highlighted by the sinuous corded crystal cocktail dress, ornamental sapphire ombré crystal column gown, and individually dyed acrylic paillette embellished gowns inspired by stained glass décor.

Making of

The architecture, glass work, curvilinear forms and ornate complexities of art nouveau find themselves reimagined for Fall 2024, revealed across a vibrant autumnal palette, bold prints, and debuting techniques.

Hues of ginger, olivine, berry and cocoa make a definitively seasonal statement. Prints enliven daywear, grounded by jaguar, the ‘O’ chain-link and spider chrysanthemum artworks. Cocoa and ginger ombre leather and a woven basketweave crepe represent novel fabrications and techniques for the season, showcasing the house’s continued commitment to innovation.

Eveningwear embroideries meld the season’s historic art nouveau inspiration with progressive techniques. Stained glass gowns, like the Tiffany windows of their inspiration, are a tessellation of individually dyed acrylic paillettes. A sinuous, corded crystal cocktail dress and a glittering sapphire ombre crystal column gown also resurface art nouveau motifs for the modern woman.



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