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One-of-a-kind gold and gemstone jewels made in Italy using SICIS's signature micromosaic technique

Jewelers from the famous brand Sicis Jewels have become famous for their delicate works using the micromosaic technique.

Jewelry from Sicis Jewels is not just precious stones and gold, it is as if they are about to come to life. This magical effect is achieved using an unusual technique: micromosaic helps the master create smooth color transitions and three-dimensional effects.

All this requires long and painstaking work, which results in masterpieces of modern jewelry art. The Gulf countries have long known and loved this brand. The first jewelry from Sicis Jewels was presented at exhibitions more than 30 years ago and was immediately loved by people.

The freedom and strength of a leopard translated into our micromosaic, diamonds, and tanzanite watch, the Blue Leopard. Make it yours and wear it to your most prestigious moments this season.

From the expert hands of the master artisans at Sicis comes the Damisa Gold Necklace, a jewel whose every detail is designed with the utmost care and then patiently assembled.

The contours of this stunning white gold piece are inspired by Tanzania’s most beautiful leopard species and are meticulously covered in micromosaics, with diamond and sapphire inlays and, to complete it, a large topaz pendant. It becomes more and more precious with each and every gem and will add sparkle to whoever wears it.



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